op ons zelf

DAAN GROOT / film director





length: 12'00

language: Dutch, French



Line Pillet, Harm Duco Schut, Rik Witteveen




Director: Daan Groot

Scenario: Randa Peters

Production: Pina Balk, Maaike Gronheid, Kaylee Hoveman

Cinematography: Michel Rosendaal

Production design: Eline van der Pol

Editing: Ellemieke Middelhoff

Sound design: Gijs Domen

Composer: Grace Chi



“To ourselves” is an encounter of three young adults, who are leading a life with a high degree of self-determination and lots of fleeting encounters. They take each other into the night, break into a swimming pool, and they share a moment of brash fun. As the night evolves, their triangle seems less strong than expected and a longing for connection and intimacy gnaws at them.


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