DAAN GROOT   |  director



Daan Groot is a Dutch director, currently based in Amsterdam. He newly graduated from the Netherlands Film Academy with his short film Aimée, which won the Topkapi Films Fiction Award for the best fiction graduation film. The film world premiered at  the Acadamy Award Qualifying  HollyShorts Film Festival.


His fiction is strongly character-driven. It’s always his goal to handle sensitive, socially relevant themes through personal stories. For instance, in his third year he directed the short film To ourselves, which examines how striving for freedom – a fleeting attitude towards life with a high degree of self-determination – is connected to egocentricity and loneliness. This film  was   included  in the talent program of Go Short 2018.


Together with Topkapi Films he is currently working on  the short film Do, which will we be his short film debut  both as a writer and director.


Immediately after graduating he also started shooting commercials. His first fashion film MARTAN MARTAN and L’Oréal Paris – won the Young Discovery Award at Fashion Film Festival Istanbul, was both nominated and selected at numerous festivals, and was released online by ELLE. He also shot his first international campaign in London, Rome and Germany for Brooks Sports (soon to be released). 


His commercial work is characterized by its sensitive and somewhat abstract approach, which communicates the brand story to the audience on an emotional level.  He loves to be  heavily involved in the working with the actors to achieve authentic moments for natural performances.


As a commercial director in the Netherlands, Daan happily joined the club of Holy Fools. As a commercial director in Turkey he is exclusively represented by 85/90 Projects.


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