DAAN GROOT   |  director


Aimée tells the story of 21-year-old student Tessa, who takes on a job as high-class escort in a world where sex has become powerful leverage. The secret life that comes with the job and the denial of her true feelings detaches her from herself and the people who love her most.


The film was awarded with the Topkapi Films Fiction Award for the best fiction film of its graduation year. Also, the film was selected at the Acadamy Award Qualifying HollyShorts Film Festival.


Jury: “The film succeeds to make intimacy tangible and tactile. The protagonist had us from the opening scene and shows us different faces, which we accept without making any effort. The result of the sum of its parts: good storytelling, accurate cinematography, constant and sensitive directing of the actors, and – something we don’t want to let go unmentioned – talented acting. The film tells a personal story, but above all aims it at the world around us, a world in which sex, torn apart from love, has become powerful leverage.”


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length: 20 min



Beaudil Elzenga, Jade Olieberg, Jonas Smulders, Reinout Bussemaker, Milan Sekeris, Sabri Saad El- Hamus



Director: Daan Groot

Script: Ashgan El-Hamus

Producer: Maaike Gronheid

Cinematography: Simon Meesters

Production design: Eline van der Pol

Editing: David Heemstra

Sound design: Tessa Fransen

Composer: Maryna Boiko


This film had the support of  HUMAN and Rinkel Film.


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